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Permanent hair removal

Permanent hair removal

Since the possibility of permanent hair removal, the time of red bumps, itching and ingrown hair from shaving and waxing is really over! Laser hair removal removes unwanted hair from your face and body. 

At Skin Project we work with the Diolaze XL laser from the InMode system. The InMode system is a revolutionary technique that uses two different laser combinations.

The Diolaze XL laser combines the Diode-Laser (wavelength 810 nm) with the Nd: Yag-Laser (wavelength 1064 nm) and is therefore one of the most advanced lasers in the field of hair. Effectively and safely, unwanted hair on the face and body, in men and women, on all skin types can be removed, making this combined technique a breakthrough in the treatment of unwanted hair.  

The Diolaze XL Laser also works with an integral skin-cooling surface, which is the largest of its kind. This ensures that the treatment is much more comfortable than with other laser devices. The laser hair removal is therefore well tolerated by everyone.

The gold standard for permanent hair removal from unwanted hair is the Diode Laser. With laser hair removal with the Diolaze XL Laser, the light from the laser is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles, destroying the stem cells responsible for hair growth. So that no hair grows back and the skin feels soft and smooth!


The treatment starts with inspecting and cleaning the skin, after which the settings are tailor-made. We start with a test pulse and a layer of cooling gel that provides extra comfort. The required number of pulses is then applied to the treatment area. Each pulse consists of a flash of light. You feel a small prick in the skin, a short heat sensation, which disappears immediately after the pulse. The flash of light destroys the hair follicles and the surrounding skin remains intact. The laser has a cooling system, making the treatment well tolerated. After the treatment, the skin may be slightly red therefore a post-treatment cream will be applied to the treating area. Babout two weeks, the destroyed hair will stay away permanently and the rest of the hair will become thinner.

The Diolaze XL Laser is CE and FDA certified, which ensures the safety of the equipment.

What effect can you expect?

It is important to know that hairs grow at different stages. Since hair can only be destroyed in the growth phase, multiple treatments are always required. The optimal result is obtained from a series of consecutive treatments, at 6-week intervals. Depending on the desired result, we recommend an average of 6-10 treatments for an 85% reduction in dark hair. 

Important to know

During the entire treatment process it is important that the hair is not waxed or epilated. The Diolaze XL laser can be used for further treatment in the summer. It is also important that the skin is well protected from the sun with a high sun factor. 

Health insurance reimbursement

Treatment for facial hair in women can possibly be reimbursed under the additional health insurance. Skin Project is recognized by all health insurers. 

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