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Skin improvement

Skin improvement

As we age, everyone will experience a change in the skin, such as getting lines, wrinkles, or sagging. With the help of laser treatments or chemical peels, improvements are made in the skin, such as stimulation of collagen and elastin. With the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles as a visible result. 

Chemical peeling treatment

A chemical peel removes the top layer of skin cells, the depth into which the peel penetrates depends on the type of ingredients we use. We determine this together by adapting it to your individual wishes.

At Skin Project we work with medical peels based on Glycolic, Salicylic, Lactic, Mandelic or Trichloroacetic acid (TCA). These ingredients provide cell renewal to the skin and stimulation of collagen and elastin, making the skin look fresher, smoother and younger. 


Microneedling is a scientifically recognized and safe skin rejuvenation technique. Super fine surgical steel needles make hundreds of micro-channels without damaging the skin. We apply this technique in combination with transdermal therapy of SRS or skin boosters. We determine this together by adapting it to your individual wishes.

You get smoother, younger and healthier skin. Dark circles under the eyes can also decrease. With 4-6 treatments you can achieve an increase of 400% more collagen and elastin and a thickening of the skin up to 140%!

It is a natural anti-aging therapy and the advice is 4-6 treatments per year. Suitable for all skin types. 

Skin boosters

If you want to improve the skin without the application of microneedling or have difficulty with the downtime of a peeling, skin boosters are ideal. 

PRX-T33 skin booster is a revolutionary treatment method to improve the skin texture without damaging the skin. This ensures faster cell division, skin becomes firmer and lines are reduced. For the best visible result, 4-6 treatments are recommended. 

Pure Vitamin C booster ensures that the skin regains its vitality and smooth complexion and pigment production can be stabilized. The skin is then better able to resist harmful external influences and supports the production of collagen. This treatment is ideal if you want to improve the condition of the skin or stabilize the pigment in the skin. Rosacea skin also benefits greatly from this treatment.

Fractional laser treatment

Skin tightening can be treated with the Fractora laser. The Fractora technique is a method that uses radio frequency in combination with needles. The needles make tiny holes in the skin, where collagen and elastin are stimulated and a new skin layer is created that is smoother, stronger and more elastic than before. 

The treatment is possible on every skin type and skin color. On average, 2 to 5 treatments are required, at 6-week intervals. 

The Fractora treatment can be used for lines, wrinkles and slackening. 

After a fractional laser treatment

After a Chemical Peeling

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