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Offer Benefit Package Pigment

Offer Benefit Package Pigment

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Do you suffer from pigmentation spots and would you like to tackle this at home with the right care? Then this is the ideal package for you! 

The Foamer 15, is an exfoliating cleansing with 15% Glycolic acid, which ensures that dead skin cells are removed and the skin is deeply cleansed. 

The C25 is a nourishing serum, with 25% stable vitamin C (anti-oxidant) that protects the skin against the harmful free radicals of UV radiation and air pollution.

The Mela Cream has been specially developed for pigment-sensitive skin. The Mela Cream ensures smoothness of the skin, prevents the formation of pigmentation spots and brightens the skin tone. In addition, the Mela Cream tackles and fades existing pigment spots and melasma (pregnancy mask). The Mela Cream contains a cocktail of highly concentrated innovative active and stable ingredients, such as Niacinamide (Vitamin B) and Mandelic Acid (Mandelic Acid) that inhibit the formation of melanin and thereby reduce pigmentation. Salicylic acid also ensures that these ingredients are well absorbed by the skin. 

The Sun Ceutic is the sun protection with SPF 50+. The Sun Ceutic creates a sturdy protective barrier against UV-A and UV-B radiation through the mineral filters zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and protects the skin against pigmentation. 

How to use? 

The Foamer 15 can be used twice a day, for best results, on clean and degreased skin (After the Advanced Cleanser). Massage 1 pump on the face. Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes and then rinse with water. 

You use the C25 Cream in the morning on a clean and dry face, after the Foamer 15. So that the active ingredients enter the skin a little deeper. Massage 1 pump on the face. It is recommended to apply the C25 Cream under the Sunceutic.

You use the Mela Cream in the evening, on a clean and dry face, after the Foamer 15. So that the active ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin. Massage 1 pump on the face and leave it on the skin overnight.It is recommended to use the Mela Cream for a 3 month treatment. 

It is very important that direct sunlight is avoided while using the Mela Cream. Protect the skin during this period with the Sun Ceutic 50+. You can apply the Sun Ceutic 50+ as often as necessary to the face when exposed to sunlight.

Result: The Foamer 15, C25, Mela Cream and Sun Ceutic 50+ makes the skin glow again and the skin tone is smoothed, without striking pigment spots. 

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