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Offer Duo Package Foamer 15 + Light Ceutic

Offer Duo Package Foamer 15 + Light Ceutic

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The Foamer 15 + Light Ceutic

The Foamer 15 and the Light Ceutic are the perfect duo for reducing dull skin tone, irregular skin texture or skin imperfections. They are also ideal for preparing the skin for a cosmetic treatment such as a peeling. 

The Foamer 15, is an exfoliating cleansing with 15% Glycolic Acid, which removes dead skin cells and deeply cleanses the skin. The Light Ceutic, is a brightening night cream containing 8% Glycolic Acid that smoothes the skin tone. 

The Foamer 15 you can use twice a day, for best results, on clean and dry skin. Massage 1 pump on the face. Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes and then rinse with water. The Light Ceuticuse in the evening, on a clean and dry face, after the Foamer 15. So that the active ingredients penetrate a little deeper into the skin. Massage 1 pump on the face and leave on the skin overnight.

When using the Light Ceutic night cream it is necessary to use the Sun during the day Ceutic 50+or Sun Ceutic 50 + Tintedto use, because the skin becomes more sensitive to the sun. 

Result: The Foamer 15 and Light Ceutic make the skin look smoother, fresher and healthier!

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