Coagulation Therapy

At Skin Project, we can very accurately mark skin irregularities with coagulation therapy (zapper), so that the healthy and surrounding skin does not have to be damaged and no scars or bleeding occur.


When it has been determined by the skin therapist that the skin abnormality is suitable for removal with coagulation (zapper), the area to be treated is disinfected with alcohol. We then burn the spots away with the coagulation device. The tissue 'evaporates', is shrivelled and a scab remains that falls off after a few days.

What effect can you expect?

The treatment is very effective and in most cases the bumps have disappeared after one treatment. This is of course different per person, per spot and per skin. Removing benign skin bumps with the zapper is suitable for all skin types and skin colors.

As skin therapists, we are trained to recognize and assess spots and blemishes. If we have doubts about the benign nature of the spots, we will always refer you to your general practitioner or dermatologist for further examination.

Important to know

After the treatment, the skin may be red, a scab will form on the skin, which will fall off on its own after 5 to 7 days. The magnificence has subsequently disappeared. If desired, we can also advise you on the right post-treatment cream and foundation, which ensure that the recovery of damaged skin is accelerated.

Reimbursement health insurance

A treatment for skin irregularities in the face can possibly be reimbursed under camouflage therapy from the additional health insurance. The amount of your reimbursement depends on your insurance. In the case of reimbursements from the supplementary insurance, no claim is made on your deductible. Skin Project is recognized by all health insurers.

About coagulation therapy

How does the treatment work?

When it has been determined by the skin therapist that the skin abnormality is suitable for removal with coagulation, the area to be treated is disinfected with alcohol. We then burn the old-age wart away with the coagulation device (the Zapper). The tissue 'evaporates' and a wound remains.

I have dark skin. Is this treatment also suitable?

Yes, our treatments are also very suitable for safely removing age warts or spots on dark-skinned skin.

How long is the recovery time?
Is the treatment painful?

A coagulation treatment with the zapper is sensitive for a short time. You can apply a numbing cream beforehand. You can obtain this cream on prescription from your doctor.

What should I take into account after the treatment?

The recovery is automatic. It is important to take good care of the skin with a post-treatment cream and SPF 50. In addition, it is wise not to soften the skin, not to scratch and not to rub the skin. You also have to be careful with direct sunlight on your skin for at least 2 weeks.

Why do I choose Skin Project?

You will be treated by experienced BIG-registered hbo-trained skin therapists. You can achieve healthy skin with the right knowledge, scientifically substantiated methods and (medical) equipment, proven medical techniques and the right home advice. That is why we only have the very best in house for both medical and cosmetic skin care. The quality of the treatment is paramount to make you healthier, more beautiful and above all happier. You are always central to our clinic and you are not a number.

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