A facial is the most well-known treatment for the face and makes the skin more radiant, younger and healthier. Every day our skin is exposed to pollution and radiation and this has unpleasant consequences. Moreover, it is sometimes quite difficult to pay enough attention to your skin in addition to a busy job and busy social life. A good facial treatment can then offer a solution.


During a facial treatment your face gets all the attention and the extensive care will restore your skin and bring it back into balance. After a treatment, your facial skin will feel soft and healthy and you will be relaxed and recharged again.

In our clinic we always start with a deep cleansing with a facial, then we scrub, exfoliate and moisturize the skin and there is put on a mask. A facial cleanses the skin of impurities and gives a boost, which makes the skin glow again.

Types of facials

At Skin Project you can choose from three different facials, each with its own purpose.

The Glow Facial

The Pure Vitamin C booster ensures that the skin maintains its vitality and even complexion recover and pigment production can be stabilized. The skin can then better defend itself against harmful external influences and supports the production of collagen. This treatment is extremely suitable if you want to improve the condition of the skin or stabilize the pigment in the skin. The rosacea skin also benefits greatly from this treatment.

The Anti-Aging Facial

The KUDTZU ingredient stimulates the skin cells deep in the skin. KUDTZU promotes collagen and elastin production. Breakdown of fibroblasts in the skin causes loss of collagen and elastin, which makes sagging skin visible. The loss of estrogen is compensated thanks to this firming facial.

The Hydrating Facial

Compared to our classic GLOW Facial, can mainly be used on patients with dry, red sensitive skin. The active ingredients such as Vitamin A, Fermented enzymes, Salicylic acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin F and minerals penetrate deeply into the skin. A true free radical killer for the face.

What effect can you expect?

The result is an even, more beautiful, shiny skin almost immediately. The skin becomes firmer and lines are less.

Make an appointment without obligation

Does your impure skin bother you and does this have an effect on how you think and feel about your own skin? Do you want beautiful skin without inflammation and annoying scars? Come by for a free and non-binding consultation. During the consultation we are happy to give you appropriate and personal treatment advice.

For the right acne therapy at home

After treatment with these products, ensure a good balance and recovery of the skin, etc.

1. Exfoliation



2.Night cream



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