Melasma, or the 'pregnancy mask', is characterized by pigment spots in the face as a result of an excess of pigment (melanin) in the skin. In melasma, light brown to dark brown spots appear on the forehead, upper lip or cheekbones. The pigment spots can be located in the connective tissue layer and the epidermis.


Melasma usually occurs in women between the ages of 20 and 40, the age group in which hormonal fluctuations occur more quickly. Melasma has a chronic character: once contracted, your skin remains sensitive to it, especially during the sunny periods of the year. Melasma can appear suddenly and gradually spread, but it can also disappear on its own. Melasma can often be recognized by the irregularly shaped discolorations.

These light brown to dark brown spots develop gradually through sun exposure in combination with the hormones estrogen and progesterone that stimulate the production of melanin. In response to this hormonal increase, the pigment cells release more pigment. The number of pigment cells in the epidermis is basically normal in people with melasma. During pregnancy, the production of various hormones in the body is increased. Oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy can also trigger melasma. Hereditary sensitivity often also plays a role.

Melasma often lies deep in the skin and cannot be reduced well and can itself worsen with laser, IPL or heavy chemical peeling.

At Skin Project we have searched for a long time for a safe and effective treatment method against melasma. With the Cosmelan we finally found the best way. Melasma is a chronic condition; this means that new pigmentation spots can always arise when exposed to the sun.


The most effective and safe way to remove melasma and excessive pigmentation from dark skin is treatment with Cosmelan. The Cosmelan treatment from Mesoestetic is THE number 1 worldwide depigmentation treatment and suitable for all skin types.

Cosmelan works in two parts. The first part involves treatment in the clinic. A mask is applied here during the treatment, which works very intensively on your pigment. The second part involves the use of home products (included in the price). These products continue the action to address the disruption in the pigment. By following the advice, you reduce the chance of the pigment returning.

Cosmelan inhibits the production of pigment. In addition, the Cosmelan mask contains the following ingredients: kojic acid, phytic acid, ascorbic acid, arbutin, titanium dioxin and retinyl palmitate (vitamin A type), all of which block the enzyme tyrosinase. All products are perfume-free.

How does the treatment proceed?

Preparation: to properly prepare the skin for the Cosmelan mask, it is important that the skin is prepared at home with the recommended acids. The acids ensure that the dead skin cells are removed from the skin, allowing the Cosmelan mask to work better and reducing the risk of side effects.

Pre-peeling: 2 days Before applying the Cosmelan mask, it is recommended to first apply a Pre-peeling to allow the skin to get used to the acids and to increase the skin's permeability, so that the Cosmelan 1 mask penetrates deeper into the skin.

Cosmelan mask: In practice, half of the jar of the Cosmelan 1 mask will be applied by the skin therapist. This mask will stay on the skin for 8-12 hours. You will go home with this mask and after the elapsed time you must remove the mask from the skin yourself.

After 2 days: you will receive a call appointment for a check-up. Then you will start with the other products such as Cosmelan 2 cream, Melan Recovery cream and the SPF13 for home. You will receive detailed instructions for this

After 2 weeks: We will schedule another appointment to apply the Cosmelan 1 again (the other half of the jar). It has proven to be more effective to schedule this in 2 separate appointments.

Checkup: we will schedule a checkup appointment 3 times (after each month) in 3 months so that we can keep track of the result. At home, on the advice of the skin therapist, you continue with the home products that are included in the price. The follow-up checks are also included in the price.

What effect can you expect?

After the mask (applied in the clinic) the skin is red and feels burning and tight. This is normal, especially during the first 24-48 hours after starting treatment. To reduce this, use the supplied Melan Recovery cream. Flaking occurs on the second or third day in all skin types. It is advisable to use the Melan recovery cream and to repeat this every two hours if the flaking is very bad. A week after the treatment, the skin starts to improve! In 95% of the cases, the best result is achieved between 1-4 weeks. The pigmentation will be significantly reduced, or even disappear.

To prevent and/or reduce the return of spots, it is very important to continue to take good care of the skin at home after the treatment. It is essential to continue to use a good and high sun protection (SPF50).

It is also recommended to continue to use the Cosmelan 2 in the evening for up to a year after the treatment to maintain the result.


When even deeper pigments are present after the Cosmelan treatment, you can switch to the Dermamelan treatment. The Dermamelan is 30% stronger than a Cosmelan treatment. And thereby penetrates deeper into the skin to tackle the most stubborn pigment problems at the core.


Because you have to go home with the mask on and this mask has an ocher yellow-brown color, we can plan the treatment on Sundays in consultation (when the Albert Cuyp market is closed). So that you can park the car in front of the clinic and do not have to go out on the street with the mask during the week.

Reimbursement health insurance

A treatment for pigmentation spots in the face can possibly be reimbursed under camouflage therapy from the additional health insurance. Skin Project is recognized by all health insurers.

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