A scar can be caused by an injury, for example as a result of an accident, surgery, illness, pregnancy or a skin problem. Scars come in various shapes and sizes. Each scar tells its own story. Sometimes a scar feels tight or hardened. It is also possible that a scar remains red, is thickened or is sunk into the skin. Although scars can never be completely removed, in most cases the skin therapist can help make the scars less visible.

Fractional laser treatment

For the treatment of (acne) scars, we at Skin Project work with the renewed, revolutionary Fractora technique on the Inmode Laser. The Fractora technique is a method that uses radio frequency in combination with needles.

The needles make tiny fractionated holes in the skin, allowing the skin's natural recovery capacity, such as the production of collagen and elastin fibers are optimally stimulated. In combination with the radio frequency, the effect of this is multiplied, allowing scar tissue to become healthier, smoother and more supple.

The Fractora is CE and FDA certified, which ensures the safety of the  equipment.

Microneedling treatment

Microneedling is a scientifically recognized and safe technique with minimal downtime. Superfine surgical steel needles create hundreds of micro-channels in the skin. This activates the natural repair process deep in the skin and creates new collagen (type 3) and elastin. You get smoother, younger and healthier skin. With 3-5 treatments you can achieve an increase of 400% more collagen and elastin and a thickening of the skin of up to 140%! This makes scars less noticeable.

During the microneedling treatment, we add high-quality skin boosters or medical peels with active ingredients to the skin, which penetrate up to 200 times more into the skin. Together we determine which skin booster or medical peels with active ingredients such as mandelic acid, hyaluronic acid, trichloroacetic acid (TCA) best suit individual needs.

Important to know

The recovery time from the treatment is minimal. Your skin is temporarily slightly red and slightly swollen, but this will pass after a few hours. It is important to keep the skin dry for the first 24 hours after the treatment. Some scabs may form. It is important not to scratch this. The scabs will fall off on their own after a few days. I recommend avoiding the sun and exfoliating products after the treatment and protect the skin from the sun as much as possible. If desired, we can also advise you on the right post-treatment cream and foundation. These products have been specially developed for application after a cosmetic treatment and ensure that the recovery of damaged skin is accelerated.

What effect can you expect?

A new skin layer is created that is smoother, stronger and more elastic than before. The color as well as the structure and depth of the scar will be significantly improved. ​

The treatment is possible on every skin type. On average, 2 to 5 treatments are required, with intervals of 6 weeks

Reimbursement health insurance

Treatment for scars in the face can possibly be reimbursed from the additional health insurance. The amount of your reimbursement depends on your insurance. In the case of reimbursements from the supplementary insurance, no claim is made on your deductible. Skin Project is recognized by all health insurers.

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For the right acne therapy at home

After treatment with these products, ensure a good balance and recovery of the skin, etc.

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