Fungal nails

A fungal nail (also called fungal nail) is a fungal infection of one or more nails that can occur in both the feet and/or hands. Fungal nails discolour, become thicker and brittle and can be experienced as disfiguring. Because the fungus stubbornly bites into the nail plate, fungal nails are difficult to treat. Anti-fungal creams do not provide sufficient results and intensive medication often has unpleasant side effects. Fortunately, laser therapy offers an effective way to get rid of fungal nails.


To be able to treat fungal nails properly, you have to work in depth. Polishes and creams remain on the surface of the nail and do not penetrate the nail. This while the fungi are mainly in the nail bed. To effectively treat your fungal nails, our skin therapists use laser light that reaches through the nail all the way to the nail bed. Energy flashes are delivered to the affected nails that heat and kill the fungus / yeasts in the nail plate in a fraction of a few seconds. The fungus is cleared by the body, after which the affected nails will slowly grow out and a healthy nail will come back in its place.

What effect can you expect?

To be able to follow the course of the treatment, pictures are taken of the nails during the entire treatment process. The fungus will gradually fade after the laser treatments and a healthy nail will grow back. This process takes several months.

The optimal result is obtained from a series of successive treatments. A minimum of 3 to 5 treatments at 4 to 6 week intervals are required! Depending on the severity of the infection and the number of nails involved, there may be more. The treatment can feel like several nasty shots. Fortunately, the treatment itself usually only takes a few minutes.

Important to know

It is important that you treat the nails at home with an anti-fungal gel (available in practice) to optimally support the treatment. Anti-fungal powder for the shoes will also have to be used. Dry the toes extra well after showering or bathing. Have an extra pair of clean socks to put on after the treatment. The treatment is most effective when the nails are thinly filed or milled (by a specialized chiropodist, affiliated with ProVoet).

Reimbursement health insurance

Unfortunately, fungal nails laser treatments are not reimbursed by health insurers. And that's a shame, because this is one of the few really effective treatments. The rate of a fungal nail treatment for one foot is €75. If you have both feet treated, it costs €95 per treatment.

About fungal nails

What result can I expect?

Because nails generally grow very slowly, the result of the treatment is often only visible after a few months . About 80% of the fungi (dermatophytes) that cause fungal nails react to the heating that takes place during the treatment.

If the instructions and aftercare are not followed accurately, the result of the treatment will be less and the fungal nail may come back. We will advise you on this during a consultation and will provide you with the right products for home use.

Preparation for treatment?
Aangezien schimmelnagels meestal verdikt zijn, dienen de nagels dun gevijld te worden voor een goede inwerking van de laser. Het advies is dit te laten doen door een medische edicure (aangesloten bij Provoet).
How does the treatment work?
Voorafgaand aan de laserbehandeling zullen de nagels eerst gedesinfecteerd worden met huidalcohol. Vervolgens wordt gel aangebracht op de nagels voor geleiding van het laserlicht. De huidtherapeut zal bescherming op uw ogen aanbrengen en aangeven wanneer zij de eerste puls op de nagel zet, waarna er meerdere pulsen gezet worden totdat de nagel goed verhit is. Alle nagels en nagelranden worden behandeld en de meest aangedane nagels extra intensief. De behandeling van één voet duurt slechts 15 minuten, de behandeling van twee voeten ongeveer 30 minuten.
What skin reaction can I expect?

After the treatment, the nails may feel warm and/or tingling, this heat/tingling disappears within a few hours. It is important that you prevent a new infection of the nail after the treatment.

How many treatments do I need?

A follow-up treatment is possible after 4 to 6 weeks. Depending on the degree of the indication, 3-5 treatments are required for the desired result. After the treatment it is important to use fungal nail gel, available in the clinic.

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