Skin imperfections

From the age of 30, most people suffer from bumps, warts, rough spots and spots on the skin. Sometimes they only occur on the face, but they can also occur elsewhere on the body. Benign innocent skin bumps such as skin warts, barley grains, fibroids, age warts, xanthelasma (around the eyes) and other raised spots can be removed quickly and safely with the zapper.


At Skin Project we can target benign skin tumors very accurately with the zapper, so that the healthy and surrounding skin does not have to be damaged and there are no scars or bleeding. The zapper is a subtle device with a pointed electrode. An electrical heat is developed in this electrode, which immediately shrivels after touching the skin bump. In case of the slightest doubt, the skin therapist will decide not to treat and refer you to your GP.

What effect can you expect?

The treatment is very effective and in most cases the bumps have disappeared after one treatment. The removal of benign skin bumps with the zapper is suitable for all skin types and skin colours.

Important to know

After the treatment, the skin may be red, a scab will form on the skin, which will fall off on its own after 5 to 7 days. The loftiness has disappeared after this. If desired, we can also advise you on the right post-treatment cream and foundation, which ensure that the recovery of the damaged skin is accelerated.

Reimbursement health insurance

A treatment for skin imperfections in the face can possibly be reimbursed under camouflage therapy from the additional health insurance. The amount of your reimbursement depends on your insurance. In the case of reimbursements from the supplementary insurance, no claim is made on your deductible. Skin Project is recognized by all health insurers.

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The right products for your home

We recommend these products as a supplement to the treatment and to maintain the skin well at home!

1.Repairing cream with SPF 50

Repairing + Protective


Breathable + smoothing


Breathable + smoothing

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