Camouflage therapy

The foundations and moisturizers from Oxygenetix are specially designed to bring the skin into optimal condition. Due to the unique composition of ingredients and active ingredients, Oxygenetix provides a constant and intensive oxygen boost in the skin. It's the only foundation that allows essential oxygen to penetrate and allows the skin to absorb even more oxygen, even when you're not wearing any makeup at all! The skin becomes healthier and more vital, feels firmer and more resilient and looks fresh and radiant.


'Oxygentix is ​​the only foundation with a constant supply of oxygen and a unique breathable formula!'

This oxygen-permeable foundation, based on Aloe Vera, is specially designed to cover and treat a variety of skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, age spots, vitiligo and melasma. In addition, Oxygenetix offers optimal protection against UVA and UVB radiation thanks to the physical SPF 25 sun protection and is water resistant.

Anti-aging therapy

Anti-aging therapy
Oxygenetix is rich in exclusive ingredients against skin aging and strengthens the effect of your anti-aging skin care. The light, breathable foundation and moisturizer feels like a second skin and reduces fine wrinkles and lines. Beneficial Hyaluronic Acids and PCAs promote elasticity and ensure that the skin is optimally hydrated and protected.

'Oxygenetix is ​​ideal as a daily care for beautiful and healthy skin. Many Hollywood stars and dermatologists are also fans!'


Oxygenetix can be applied immediately after a treatment and promotes the repair of damaged skin. Damaged skin, as a result of cosmetic treatment, can disrupt a client's daily life during the healing process. Oxygenetix contains the recovery-promoting CERAVITEA. This unique complex increases the production of skin cells, purifies skin conditions, contributes to the reduction of scarring, counteracts the feeling of heat, reduces swelling, camouflages redness and leaves the skin looking fresh and radiant. Oxygenetix is ​​available in 14 different colors!

Reimbursement health insurance

A camouflage treatment in the face for the Oxygenetix Foundation can possibly be reimbursed under camouflage therapy from the additional health insurance. The amount of your reimbursement depends on your insurance. In the case of reimbursements from the supplementary insurance, no claim is made on your deductible. Skin Project is recognized by all health insurers.

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For the right Camouflage therapy at home


Breathable + smoothing


Breathable + smoothing

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