The OBSERV 520X is the latest innovation in skin analysis. With the OBSERV 520X it is possible to view and record the skin of your face in different ways. This way you always know exactly how the skin is doing. Many skin conditions start in the deeper layers of the skin and only become visible over time. The OBSERV 520X also analyzes the deeper layers of the skin and brings all skin characteristics into focus.

What does the Observ520X do?

The OBSERV520X makes the invisible visible. With 8 different light modes and 5 face positions, the OBSERV 520X brings all skin features into sharp focus in 8 seconds. These 5 positions provide a clear and complete skin image that reveals even the smallest details and skin improvements with unparalleled clarity. During the treatments at Skin Project it is possible to monitor the skin using the Observ 520X.

The OBSERV 520X captures facial skin in 8 different exposures.

1. Daylight mode; what is your facial skin condition at the moment?

2. Texture

3. Pigmentation

4. Redness

5: Parallel-polarized mode

6: Cross-polarized mode

7: True UV light mode

8: Simulated Wood's mode

Advantages Observ520X?

Future skin problems are visibly mapped. Think of pigment problems, cornification of your skin, rosacea, dehydration, sensitive and thin skin areas and excessive sebum production. Any analysis can be sent to your personal email.

Reimbursement health insurance

Certain facial treatments may be reimbursed under the additional health insurance. The amount of your reimbursement depends on your insurance. In the case of reimbursements from the supplementary insurance, no claim is made on your deductible. Skin Project is recognized by all health insurers.

About intake interview + Observ580X

Are there costs associated with an intake interview + skin scan with the Observ580X

No, an intake interview + skin scan with the Observ580X is always free and without obligation, there are no costs involved.

I don't have any skin problems, can I also contact Skin Project?

Absolute! Anyone who would like to have beautiful skin or who would like a preventive skin treatment aimed at skin improvement is welcome. The intake is free of charge and without obligation.

Do I need a referral from a general practitioner?

No, as skin therapists we are directly accessible to affiliated with all health insurers in the Netherlands.

Are the treatments reimbursed by health insurance?

With additional insurance for acne treatment for the face, camouflage therapy for the face and neck and hair removal (laser hair removal) of the face, you may be eligible for reimbursement from your health insurer. Ask your health insurer about the rights to reimbursement and the associated policy conditions.

Who carries out the treatment at Skin Project?

To guarantee quality and safety, Skin Project works exclusively with qualified skin therapists. Our skin therapists have completed a four-year HBO training so that they can perform the treatments professionally. Our skin therapists are all members of the Dutch Association of Skin Therapists (NVH). The professional association plays a facilitating and monitoring role by developing and making quality instruments available. Our skin therapists are also registered in the Paramedics Quality Register. The purpose of this register is to remain recognizable as a paramedic, to promote quality improvement and to make specific expertise visible to the outside world. For registration in the Paramedics Quality Register, criteria apply with regard to work experience and the promotion of expertise.

I've already tried everything. How do I know if Skin Project can help me?

In recent years we have treated a lot of people with both dark and light skin. There may be several reasons why it has not worked before. For example, due to a non-optimal treatment technique/products, too little knowledge of different skin types or insufficient information or aftercare.

Make an appointment without obligation

Are you bothered by pigment, couperose, scars, acne or hair on the face? Or are you curious about the condition of your skin? Come by for a free, no-obligation consultation + home scan with the Observ 580X at one of our skin therapists. During the consultation we are happy to give you appropriate and personal treatment advice.

The right products for your home

We recommend these products as a supplement to the treatments and to maintain the skin well at home!


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3.Daily care

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