Fungal nails

A fungal nail is a nail that is affected by a fungal infection. This is also called lime nail. Fungal nails discolour, become thicker and brittle and in some cases hinder daily activities.


The fungal nail treatment is tackled by means of laser. Energy flashes are delivered to the affected nails that heat and kill the fungus/yeasts in the nail plate in a fraction of a few seconds. After which the affected nails will slowly grow out and a healthy nail will come back in its place. The optimal result is obtained from a series of successive treatments. A minimum of 3 to 5 treatments at 6 week intervals are required!

What effect can you expect?

To be able to follow the course of the treatment, photos are taken of the nails during the entire treatment process. The fungus will gradually fade after the laser treatments and a healthy nail will grow back. This process takes several months.

Important to know

It is important that you treat the nails at home with an anti-fungal gel (available in practice) to optimally support the treatment. Anti-fungal powder for the shoes will also have to be used. Dry the toes extra well after showering or bathing. Have an extra pair of clean socks to put on after the treatment. The treatment is most effective when the nails are thinly filed or milled (by a specialist chiropodist).

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