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Oxygenetix Hydro-Matrix

Oxygenetix Hydro-Matrix

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Oxygenetix Moisturizer contains a similar, breathable second skin formula just like the Oxygenetix Foundations. Most moisturizers are on the skin surface, which can block vital oxygen flow. Oxygenetix Moisturizer instead provides instant hydration while covering up all signs of procedures and protecting the skin from sun and environmental damage. The Hyaluron and PCA in Hydro-Matrix ensure that your skin retains moisture all day long.

The Oxygenetix Moisturizer gives a youthful fullness to your skin. It delivers fast-absorbing, long-lasting hydration and reduces the signs of aging. Aloe soothes skin irritations, reduces redness while Vitamin E, grape seed and green tea extracts protect the skin from premature aging by repelling free radicals.

Sodium Hyaluronate and PCA nourish the skin, filling in fine lines and wrinkles and ensuring that your skin retains moisture all day long while Ceravitae Complex oxygenates and disinfects.

 After cleansing, apply with clean fingertips to face, neck and body to soothe and protect. Oxygenetix Hydro-Matrix leaves the skin with a smooth, matte finish as the perfect base for Oxygenatix Foundation.


• Ceravitae Complex promotes the growth of collagen, new skin cells and connective tissue

• Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin and post-surgery skin

• Increases oxygen uptake to reduce healing time

 • Minimizes scars and softens the skin

 • Aloe vera barbadensis soothes, protects, softens and cools the skin

• HLA and PCA attract moisture and prevent moisture loss

• Non-comedogenic (does not clog pores)

• No added water; oil-free, perfume-free and without parabens

• Hypoallergenic


Camouflage therapy by means of Oxygenetix Foundation can possibly be reimbursed under the additional health insurance. Wondering if you qualify for this? Feel free to contact us. 


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