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Turn Over Dermaceutic

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Turn Over Dermaceutic

Turn Over Dermaceutic


Skin rejuvenating night cream

The Turn Over is a night cream that has a strong anti-aging effect. It promotes the natural skin renewal process and reduces the first signs of skin aging. The Turn Over is recommended for reducing skin elasticity and to fade fine lines and wrinkles.

The Turn Over is a night cream with Glycolic Acid 15%. Glycolic acid is one of the alpha hydroxy acids, often also called fruit acids. This very small molecule easily penetrates the skin. Its acidic pH speeds up exfoliation by destroying the bonds between dead skin cells.

You use the Turn Over in the evening, on a clean and dry face, after the Foamer 15. So that the active ingredients end up a little deeper into the skin. Massage 1 pump into the face and leave on the skin all night. After applying the turn over you may experience a tingling sensation. This is intended and will decrease over time

When using the Turn Over, it is necessary to Sun Ceutic 50+ or the Sun Ceutic 50+ Tinted because the skin becomes more sensitive to the sun.

Result: The first signs of skin aging become less visible. The skin therefore looks fresher, smoother, healthier and younger!

Ingredients: Glycolyc Acid Solution 15%

Content: 40 ml.


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