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Regen Ceutic Dermaceutic

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Intensively moisturizing anti-wrinkle day cream

The Regen Ceutic is an intensive moisturizing anti-wrinkle day cream and a fuller version of the Hyal Ceutic. The Regen Ceutic is suitable for sensitive, dehydrated and aging skin.

The Regen Ceutic promotes the recovery of the skin and provides an optimal moisturizing, soothing and firming effect. Due to the addition of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins C and E, it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which improves the skin structure and reduces lines and wrinkles.

You use the Regen Ceutic in the morning, on a clean and dry face, after the Foamer 15. So that the active ingredients end up a little deeper into the skin. Massage 1 pump into the face and leave on the skin all day.

Result: The cream moisturizes intensively and helps to prevent the signs of premature skin aging.

    Ingredients: Peptides Complex 3%, Hyaluronic Acid Gel 3%, Vitamine C Complex, Vitamine E, Shea Butter.

    Content: 40 ml.

    Regen Ceutic Dermaceutic

    Regen Ceutic Dermaceutic