Nieuw bij Skin Project: Huidanalyse apparaat Observ520X

New at Skin Project: Skin analysis device Observ520X

by Skin Project Institute Admin on Dec 10, 2021

Do you want to slow down the aging of your skin as much as possible? But you don't know how to best approach this? Don't worry, your skin is in good hands with us. As skin therapists, it is our mission to make your skin glow. We also advise which treatments and care products best suit your skin. The OBSERV 520X is the latest invention in skin analysis. With this device it is possible to observe and record your skin in different ways. That way you know exactly how your skin is doing. Did you know that many skin conditions start in the deeper layers of the skin and only become visible over time? The OBSERV 520X also analyzes the deeper layers of the skin and provides a razor-sharp image of all skin characteristics, allowing us to create a tailor-made treatment plan.

If we are there in time to tackle certain problems, we may be able to prevent possible problems on the skin surface by treating them preventively. A number of important characteristics that we can measure with the Observ 520X skin scan are skin sensitivity, rosacea, elasticity, moisture content, skin structure, large pores, sun damage, pigmentation, sebum production and a prognosis about how skin aging can develop. The analysis and the photos are then stored in our database after the client's approval, so that we can also provide insight into the result after a treatment course by comparing the images with each other. Curious? Request a no-obligation free skin scan immediately.