Top 5 veelgestelde vragen over laserontharing in de zomer

Top 5 frequently asked questions about laser hair removal in the summer

by Hetty Notebomer on Jul 01, 2022

In the summer, the bare arms and legs will reappear and we can get the swimsuits out of the closet again! You have probably also been busy with the razor, waxing, epilady or depilatory cream? To forever of unwanted hair growth to be finished lhair removal a great solution. But can laser hair removal in the summer actually? In this blog we provide short and concise answers to frequently asked questions we receive about laser hair removal for the summer.

Question 1: Can laser hair removal in the summer?

During the laser hair removal treatments, you need to be extra careful when it comes to self-tanning or sunbathing (whether it's sun exposure or tanning beds). The laser light is absorbed by the dark pigmentation of the hair. Because sunbathing darkens the skin, it makes it more difficult for the laser to distinguish between the pigment in the skin and the pigment in the hair.

Here according to some simple rules, which must be taken into account with laser hair removal.

  • Sun wise, apply SPF50 every 2 hours and immediately after swimming to avoid burning the area
  • Always tell the skin therapist when you have booked a holiday, or when you will come back and have a tan from the sun
  • Wait 2 weeks after sun exposure until next treatment

Question 2: Can laser hair removal still be done before my summer vacation?

That is good to take into account. You can still have laser treatment up to two weeks before you go on summer vacation. An advantage is that the hairs fall out exactly at the start of your holiday, so you don't have to worry about it much! You can be treated again about a month after your holiday, unless you have become too tanned in the area to be treated. Did you not quite manage to keep the area out of the sun? Then, as a precaution, we prefer to wait a little longer until your tan has faded again. Although a course of every 6 to 8 weeks is most effective, a longer interval of, for example, 10 to 12 weeks has little influence on the effectiveness and the end result.

Question 3: Can I shave if I have started laser hair removal?

Yes that is allowed! Because the hairs fall out after the treatment, shaving may not even be necessary. Shaving can't worsen hair growth, by the way, that's a myth. However, waxing, epilation and the string method are no longer allowed once you have started laser hair removal. These methods also remove the hair roots and if they are no longer present, they cannot be destroyed with laser light.

Question 4: How often should I come back for laser hair removal?

Biologically speaking, every time you visit Skin Project, approximately 15% of the hairs are in the active growth phase. These hairs are located deep in the hair follicle and ensure that the hair follicle is effectively switched off by the laser light. For this reason, an average of six treatments are required.

Question 5: Will I enjoy one or two laser treatments for the summer?

Each treatment significantly thins out the hair and reduces irritation and ingrown hairs. That is why it absolutely makes sense to have laser hair removal once or twice before your summer vacation. The hairs in the armpits, on the legs, back and bikini line feel a lot less stubbly. The hairs that come next grow back slowly and thinly.


Isn't it necessary to tan in the bikini line, armpits, back, legs, chest, arms or stomach (or other desired area)? Then you qualify for laserontharen in the summer period! We recommend applying SPF30 sunscreen to the skin area every two hours on sunny days or covering it with clothing or a towel. People who hardly sunbathe, don't go on holiday, or work indoors a lot are good candidates anyway.

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